About Optimal Chiropractic for Animals

Optimal Chiropractic has been helping animals for over 10 years.

We cover a vast region and travel to you. The areas covered include Metro Melbourne, North Eastern, Eastern, South Eastern, and Southern regions of Victoria.

Dr Georgia Davis
BApp.Sci (Clinical) BApp.Sci (Chiro) Grad Dip. (Animal Chiro) :

  • Studied chiropractic at RMIT for 5 years
  • Completed a post graduate diploma through RMIT in Animal Chiropractic (2004)
  • Has a strong interest in sport.
  • Has worked with football teams ranging from local football to AFL level.
  • Love for all animals and has always been around animals
  • Has volunteered at the RSPCA whilst at school

dogs have 3 eyelids? The main upper and lower lids and the third is hidden between them in the inner corner of the eye. This one helps to protect from dust, dirt etc and acts like a windscreen wiper!
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