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Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamin / Mineral

Found In

Deficiency / Illness Related

Vitamin A Dairy products, fish (fatty), liver, green & yellow leafy vegetables Night Blindness
Visual Impairment
Skin Disorders
Respiratory Infections
Vitamin D Fish liver oils, egg yolk, sprouted seeds, milk, synthesised in skin on exposure to sun Slowing of bone growth
Tooth decay
Decreased blood circulation
Vitamin E Wheatgerm, nuts, vegetable oils, seeds, egg yolk Fatigue
Blurred Vision
Blood cell fragility
Vitamin K Green leafy vegetables (alfalfa) kelp, soy bean oil, synthesised in small intestine Excessive Bleeding
Vitamin C Citrus fruits, peppers, pineapple, potatoes, rosehip Joint pain
Bleeding from gums
Skin disorder involving decreased elasticity
Dec. wound healing
Vitamin B1-6 & 12 Whole grain cereals, wheatgerm, vegemite, dairy products, fish, meat, green vegetables, oatmeal, egg yolk Lethargy
Memory loss
Skin conditions
Mild muscle weakness
Folic Acid Green leafy vegetables, organ meats, in small intestine Anaemia
Calcium Milk, chees, sesame, seeds, dark green vegetables, tuna/salmon Osteoporosis
Muscle cramps
Zinc Pumpkin seeds, milk, oysters, nuts, wholegrains, green leafy vegetables, liver, beef, chicken, legumes Skin Disorders
Foetal growth retardation
Lowered resistance to infection
Hair loss Lethargy
Iron Meaty fish, poultry, fruits (citrus), potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, cabbage Anaemia
Increased suseptibility to disease
Iodine Seafood, dairy products Decreased growth and brain development

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